Mozambique Fashion Week, 2014



Taronja meaning orange in Catalan was inspired from the couples new home on an orange farm outside Barcelona where this project was created and produced. Both artists have expressed their surprise at the unexpected results from their experimentation with reappropriating different items of clothing through moving them into new orientations.


"We were expecting to create something a little bit punk and mish mash and were aiming to do that, immediately we created a very elegant kimono style jacket from an old pair of trousers and our own visions were dumped on their head”.


You might even struggle now to find any orange in the collection such is their desire to rip up any plan and create something new. The elegant simplicity of the kimono is echoed throughout the collection often in contrast with the almost arabian appearance that occurs when trousers are made from dresses and shirts. Each item is brave and unique as the world’s great cultures marry in exquisite and surprising fashion that both disarm and delight. It's often dangerous to use the word fun when describing a new creation but it's easy to see that both designers have enjoyed producing this range enormously.

Made in Cataluña